Zesty Zoning from Mao López

Zesty Zoning from Mao López

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This trendy home interior, sent to us by designer Mao López, displays clever usage of sporadically zesty décor punches, which we happen to love. The great thing about using accent pops rather than committing fully to an immersive scheme is that this type of decor can be implemented in a short amount of time in a lot of pre-decorated homes in need of a quick facelift, and changed out later without too much trouble or overwhelming expense.

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For instance, take a look at the orange splashes throughout this open plan living space, a simple area rug and placemats provide ample coloring to the white backdrop and certainly would not break the bank-you could even change your statement color according to the season, or your mood! Though if you find you do want to keep the color on a permanent basis, a vibrant coordinating backsplash in the kitchen adds a fun and unexpected blast of life.

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Similarly in the bathroom, the introduction of bright towels is something many of us have tried in order to give a new look to our bathing space, but this décor takes things one step further with the addition of decals to the shower screen.

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In the bedroom the typographical approach continues with statement feature wall and desk coverings.

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