A Kid-Friendly Apartment Renovation by Ruetemple Architects

A Kid-Friendly Apartment Renovation by Ruetemple Architects

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Ruetemple architects renovated this amazing Moscow apartment for a young family with children. The clients desired bright and comfortable living spaces, in addition to a total kid-friendly transformation of the neglected attic above. While the subdued design theme suits the sophisticated tastes of the parents, the layout boasts a number of exciting hidden features just for the young ones. The result is an incredible playground filled with surprise and wonder at every turn – and plenty of minimalistic design inspiration for idea-seekers. Its a wonderful family home with something for everybody.

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  • Designer: Rue Temple
The home tour begins with a clean and simple living room and kitchen combination. Differences in materials create a visual divide between the living room and the kitchen. While the living area boasts warm comfortable colors, the kitchen takes on a slightly stronger monochromatic theme with gray floors and slate countertops.

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Natural wooden floors and clean white surfaces set the tone for the rest of the house, but the distinctive wooden slats set the stage for amazing things to come. Despite what appears to be a very simple decor theme, each room features increasingly imaginative features.

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Here, a second entertainment room provides a place for the children to watch cartoons or play games without disturbing the parents or guests below. They’ve already claimed the whiteboard wall to the right – nothing beats original artwork!

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The office is amazingly bright and functional, complete with abundant storage to the right and expansive windows overhead. This level of the apartment features fabulous floors with distinctive color blocking, quite distinctive.

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Window placement can have a huge effect on productivity. These windows allow a clear view of the sky while shielding from the distraction of the street. They preserve privacy at night but remain open to the expanse of stars above.

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The ladder leads to a netted crow’s nest for the children. Imagine the view from up there! Unrestricted movement means unrestricted imagination and endless opportunities for play.

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Amazing bunk beds! Hollow stairs to the left offer plenty of space for storing shoes and other necessities, and a wall of cubbies provides room for everything else.

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Here, you can see a small hole leading to an adventurous playroom above, netted for safety. Ruetemple Architects seem to know exactly what kids would find exciting – every space they create is unique and stimulating for kids of all ages.

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The first office shown in this post was located right off the kid’s bedroom – perfect for studying, or for parents to catch up on office work while keeping a watch on the kids. This private study is placed in a completely separate room, and offers some peace and quiet away from the commotion of the play spaces. Its cozier arrangement reflects its purpose.

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Oversized beanbag chairs provide a nice resting or reading area, drenched in sunlight. It’s easy to imagine the kids telling ghost stories under the stars at night – or perhaps hosting a slumber party complete with a telescope and hot chocolate.

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Finally, a peaceful retreat for the parents. The wood slats on the wall are a great way to repurpose or reclaim extra lumber – a super affordable DIY project for any room.

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