Two Apartments With Sleek Grayscale Interiors

Two Apartments With Sleek Grayscale Interiors

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Neutral color themes are beloved for being straightforward and quite approachable. Neutrals are easy to coordinate, simple to adapt, and they pair with a nearly unlimited variety of accent colors. Grayscale interiors offer just the right amount of challenge - especially when it comes to striking balance between light and dark elements. These two homes tackle this dichotomy without reserve. The designers at Azovskiy Pahomova Architects took a different approach with each, the first complementing its modern color theme with gorgeous wood elements and the other fully embracing its grayscale design head-on.

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This first apartment concept centers around an incredible view of the city outside, but the interior accommodations are equally worthy of admiration. Exotic wood floors make an immediate first impression of luxury and good taste with the dark and light tones offering an excellent analogue to the variety of grayscale tones used throughout the home. Our tour beings with the living room, perfectly framed by the square patterned rug.

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A freestanding faux fireplace marks the transition from the main living area to the private areas of the home. The wood storage niche underneath enhances the realism of the fireplace in addition to looking quite stylish.

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This casual dining/writing table is the perfect height to hide behind the sofa. It’s made from a similar wood as the floor for an ultra-cohesive aesthetic.

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Geometric busts emulate the polygonal figures used in 3D modeling and video games, a very fitting accessory for a modernistic space like this one. The stepped cantilever shelving is a cool touch.

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Distinctive textural panels on the walls and ceilings create a sense of variation and depth. Note the distinctive ceiling panels on the ceiling in this view, with light filtering through between the gaps.

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A minimalistic white volume houses a television that seamlessly blends in with the sliding black panels. Bookshelves are hidden on each side for a clutter-free look.

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Rough concrete enhances the urban aesthetic. A band of indirect lighting draws attention away from the electronics.

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Hovering near the window and surrounded by skyline on two sides, this hanging daybed offers the best view in the house.

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Now for a look at the kitchen, an elegant space made exceptional through the application of innovative and functional features.

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Now for a look at the kitchen, an elegant space made exceptional through the application of innovative and functional features.

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Oversized pendant lamps are extremely fashionable right now. Here, they help make the table area feel weightier and more substantial.

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Counter heights vary suit the activities for each area, like the high counter for cooking and washing and the lower cabinet for using appliances or decorating cakes.

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In the bedroom, the grayscale color theme is made exciting by using diverse textures.

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It even includes an integrated shower area with nothing but a thick glass wall standing between it and the bed.

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A lovely wooden bench provides convenient seating for two.

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It would be exciting to see how this integrated shower concept would translate to a real interior application.

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The guest/child bedroom foregoes the grayscale theme of the rest of the home in favor of a neutral palette infused with a variety of brown and mauve tones. The lights to the left are from the SET collection by Josep Lluis Xuclà.

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On the other side of the room, adorable decorations lend the bedroom a charming and comfortable personality.

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The plush red beanbag serves as a comfortable spot to read items taken from the cool crisscross-patterned bookshelf.

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At first glance, the bathroom may seem like standard fare for a modernist home – but its winding layout reveals something new from every angle.

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Around the corner, a pair of potted plants reveals a verdant complement to the streamlined grayscale theme.

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Perhaps the most unexpected and engaging feature is tucked away in the most relaxing spot in the home. This incredible full wall mural turns an ordinary bath into a retreat away from city life.

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This next apartment enhances its grayscale palette with green accents and organic details – note the vertical indoor garden, the stump-carved bowl, and of course, the rich wooden furniture used throughout. It’s a little smaller than the previous home but uses its space wisely with a compact layout and sensible furniture arrangements.

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Floor to ceiling shelves create a nice home library with a comfortable chaise for reading nearby.

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Paperlike panels offer ambient lighting and engage the eye with their unique optical illusion. The lights are from the Fold collection by Arik Levy.

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The kitchen reverts to a grayscale design with a heavy emphasis on white. Unique geometry makes this space stand out, especially the clever use of folded forms.

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Two styles stand side by side in fascinating contrast – the pristine white sink and stove area, and the natural rugged wood of the dining section.

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Strong vertical lines make up an important part of the clean and organized aesthetic. Tall paneling continues the lines of the cabinetry, perfect for a room with such tall ceilings.

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While one side of the room focuses on vertical structuring, this side of the room focuses on horizontal lines.

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Floor to ceiling doors make a huge impression, with tall cabinetry offering plenty of storage space, and the slatted door offering a peek into the next room.

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The bathroom adopts a darker grayscale theme compared to the rest of the home. Enhanced by the abundance of natural lighting, the dark theme proves quite serene and inviting.

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Stone cladding stands out at varied depths for a very sleek yet organic appearance.

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In the same vein as the bathroom, the bedrooms embrace deeper gray tones for a more relaxing aesthetic.

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Bright orange chairs offer a dash of color accent at the double office desk.

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Note the characteristic knotty floors – while the rest of the apartment utilized polished concrete, the bedrooms benefit from the warmth of classic hardwood.

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Here’s a look at the secondary bedroom, outfitted with a wealth of plush upholstery.

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Traditional materials and classic textiles contribute to a very comfortable feel.

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