A Home With Formidable Architecture And A Light Interior

A Home With Formidable Architecture And A Light Interior

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While the street-facing facade looks monolithic and imposing, its spacious interior actually reveals abundant windows with generous views of the propertys three private courtyards. Huston-based architectural firm Stern and Bucek designed this home for a multi-generational family – the sprawling interior meets the social requirements and privacy needs of each resident, and contains a number of mixed-use spaces to make the most of its distinctive layout. The photo tour below remains sparsely furnished to show off the potential, inviting the imagination to fill in the rest of the blank interior canvas.

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The exterior boasts a strong and fortified aesthetic, but doesn’t entirely dominate the landscape thanks to its tree-lined perimeter that filters dappled sunlight onto the continuous brick surface.

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Yet inside, the home feels open and free thanks to its strong interaction with surrounding courtyards. Here, you can see one of the most distinctive interior features: the huge aquarium in the storage volume behind the sofa.

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This social space doesn’t revolve around a television, instead focusing its view on a recessed fire pit framed by sturdy steel doors. The interplay between fire and water features plays an important role in the layout.

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Of course, the fire pit isn’t just for enjoyment through the windows. These private courtyards make it easy for guests to spread out and enjoy intimate conversation during large gatherings.

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Back indoors, it’s impossible to ignore the sculptural quality of the central staircase. It’s a focal point of the main floor and embodies the attention to detail that such an eye-catching feature deserves.

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The treads themselves have an artistic quality to them, displaying their luxurious dark wood from every angle and bringing out the rich tones of the hardwood flooring.

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Although the furniture is incomplete because these photos were taken for a real estate listing, the furniture that does exist demonstrates the variety of styles the interior can accommodate.

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The staircase doubles as a visual divider between the sitting areas and the open kitchen.

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Notice how all of the built-in furniture uses a theme of black and gray? The colors, and the dynamic between matte and glossy materials, form a theme that runs down the center of the layout.

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The kitchen’s unique placement emphasizes its role as a social hub of its own, inviting visitors to mingle around the countertop island.

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Through the sliding door, you can see an outside cooking area that leads to a courtyard.

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Around the corner from the kitchen, a galley pantry stores dishes and wine and even includes a sink for rinsing tableware before setting.

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One thing to mention about the dining room not yet mentioned is the view of the pool beyond the stairway. This prime location helps unify the two main social areas of the downstairs volume.

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Wood cladding helps the space feel more natural and lively despite its heavy brick and concrete emphasis.

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The verdant growth serves as a privacy shield and provides incredible value to the backyard aesthetic.

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Imagine how lovely this arrangement will look with a mature garden! There’s so much potential here.

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While the ground level is devoted to social spaces, it also houses a singular guest suite with the luxury of access to another of the home’s private courtyards.

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A game room emphasizes the home’s guest-friendly appeal. Its placement overlooking the pool is perfect.

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The upstairs of the home houses the other numerous bedrooms. As previously stated, this home was designed for a multi-generational family and makes good use of its separation between public and private.

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Multiple entertainment spaces facilitate this division while also providing grounds for unification. The staircase occupies the area right on the other side of the shelving.

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This hidden-away storage cabinet sits just low enough to serve as comfortable seating while looking out onto the backyard. Paired with the deck, this area serves as a nice secluded gathering spot.

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Here’s one of the upstairs bedrooms. This one features a full-length desk that affords an inspiring view when not closed off with privacy shades.

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Each bedroom offers its own distinctive features. This one bathes in sunlight filtering through a corner window.

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Finally, a look at the master suite, outfitted with comfortable maple paneling. Its spacious and simple layout is decorated with vintage travel-inspired chests as bedside tables.

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The hallway is another perfectly blank canvas within this home. Potential is a running theme.

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This home has six bathrooms – SIX – and two half-baths. Each one explores a different style. Here, monochromatic tiles offer a clean and modern aesthetic.

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Teak gives this bathroom a warm and inviting vibe. Combined with the soak tub, anyone seeking a meditative environment knows where to find it.

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Dark granite and light wood make up the palette for yet another bathroom.

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And finally, a quick peek into one of the walk-in closets.

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