Converting Small Spaces Into Cosy Homes With Warming Wood Decor

Converting Small Spaces Into Cosy Homes With Warming Wood Decor

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There are small homes, and then there a cosy homes–the two are not necessarily the same thing! A small home interior can still feel cold and shadowy, and poor floor planning can easily leave a small home feeling uncomfortably cramped. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. Check out these three beautiful small homes that have been decorated in wonderfully warming golden wood tones, which link to build a sense of cohesive cosiness. You’ll also find ingeniously thought out small space solutions, in terms of bespoke sofas, fitted storage units and made-to-measure unique design features. Come with us to find out how you can build extra cosiness into every part of your small home.

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  • Photographer: Lv Xiaobin
The simple decor of this uniquely minimalist living room is warmed through with plentiful elements of golden natural wood. Despite the basic white paintwork that floods each plain wall, the home interior sets a invitingly cosy and intimate atmosphere.

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Cosy factor builds in the bespoke furniture designs that shape the room too. Each piece is made to measure, including a wooden media unit and built-in sofas. Wooden frames accentuate the windows.

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Whilst matching wood grain elements hold each part of the home in close connection, the overall feel of the interior is spacious and airy. The roomy illusion comes from a multilevel layout, which includes a raised kitchen, a dipped lounge, and a mezzanine bedroom platform. The space is also visually widened thanks to the inclusion of a glass wall bathroom design.

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The boxed kitchen is completely enveloped in wood, which evokes notions of sauna-like warmth. An indoor plant just outside of the open doorway adds an element of fresh colour that also complements the use of natural materials.

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The indoor plant inspires a bright green pop of colour inside the kitchen too. Two black kitchen bar stools bring in a sturdy base note.

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The breakfast bar thins down the working floor space inside the kitchen, but doubles the prep surface.

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White venetian blinds freshen the kitchen window.

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Soft lighting accentuates the beauty of the wood grain effect.

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Wood panels build a canopy and feeling of security over the bedroom platform.

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  • Designer: Oleksii Venediktov
  • Visualizer:
A wire framed round coffee table set makes a light centrepiece in our second living room design. A circular area rug echoes their shape.

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The TV is an unusual design that attaches to a four legged base. The slimline black legs coincide with the black metal coffee tables.

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Perforated wooden panels cover a large area of the spacious studio apartment design. The perforations give the suggestion that additional space lies beyond.

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The modern sofa has an arm-free silhouette to minimise its proportion, and to let space flow freely around it without the visual stops.

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Mustard tiling in the kitchen area is complementary to the golden wood tone in the room.

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A yellow and white floor lamp pulls the accent colour into the lounge.

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The wood panel wall slides back to reveal the bedroom.

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The headboard is made from the same drilled wood panel as the sliding bedroom doors, giving the entire studio one cohesive style code. An umber painted feature wall compliments the painted ceiling that blankets the living room, and gives a cosy cocoon feel.

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A low level floor bed design, and a lack of bedside tables, increases the perceived sense of space.

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The one wall kitchen layout has one clean line of white base cabinets, because the eye-level double oven is tucked from sight around the corner. Glass fronted wall cabinets give the kitchen depth and interest. A red dining pendant light hangs from the coordinating ceiling above a floating kitchen island.

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The chunky wooden kitchen island seems impossibly weightless.

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Baseboard lighting runs the length of a wood clad hallway, highlighting an upholstered entryway bench.

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Wood laminate flooring runs throughout.

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Studio floor plan, revealing closet space tucked into the wedge shaped bedroom.

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  • Designer: H2 Design Group
  • Visualizer: H2 Design Group
Our third cosy home is a studio with an area of approximately 35 square meters. The client of this project desired a calm place with warmth, elegance and simplicity. Made-to-measure furniture in mirror finish and wood tone provided the answers. Even the space around the living room window has been fully kitted out with storage and a cosy window seat. A set of wood nesting coffee tables help connect the seat with the nearby sofa and lounge chair arrangement.

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A bespoke floor to ceiling TV unit doubles as a partial dividing wall between the living room and bedroom.

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The grey lounge carpet stops dead at the dividing line with the kitchen, where it is replaced by pine wood. A pine plank ceiling mirrors the flooring in this area, and pine kitchen units connect the two.

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A wooden breakfast bar with matching bar stools nestles at one end of the narrow kitchen.

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The black marble kitchen backsplash offsets the lightness of the wood, and adds dramatic pattern to the room scheme.

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A black electric hob and matching sink camouflage against the worktop.

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Mirror fronted cabinets make room proportions appear much larger than their actual measure.

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Apartment floor plan.

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